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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Fancy Dress for That Fancy Hen Party in the UK

Every year, thousands of women get married. That means, every year, thousands of hen parties take place. Now that a lot of budget flights are available, hen party organisers are getting more creative in their planning. That is also the reason why hen weekends abroad are now more common than before. There is that point in time in a woman’s … Continue reading

10 Wacky Victorian Inventions

In Victorian times, Great Britain was the melting pot of whimsical inventors. Several of those British innovations have since been overtaken by the times. Here is a look at the wacky contraptions made in England in those days. Multi-purpose Cane This was an invention that courted gentlemen with the promise of the best cane possible. The cane incredibly converted into … Continue reading

History of Great Britain Timeline

About 500 B.C. Celtic people came to Britain from Europe. In 43 A.D., they found themselves invaded by the Romans. Queen Boadicea led a fierce revolt, but by 128 A.D., the Romans were victorious. The Roman conquest was not all bad, since it gave the Celts Roman learning and culture. Around 500 A.D. the Celts were invaded again, by Saxons … Continue reading