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Bonnie Tyler at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is getting ready for the world stage again, and the UK entry for the 2013 song contest is being sung by the iconic rock song stress Bonnie Tyler. Let’s hope she can bring some success back to the UK after the last few disappointing entries. On 18 May 2013, Bonnie will be singing Believe in Me … Continue reading

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Rod Stewart Book Review

Rod Stewart is an icon in the history of our music, and part of the reason for that is because of his distinctive look, wild antics and colourful life. Rod: The Autobiography; is his story in his words. Describing things as he seen them throughout his life and career. It tells the story of his concerts behind the scenes, life … Continue reading

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Girls Aloud tour again

Girls Aloud have just announced a concert tour. This 12-date trek will open with two February 21 and 22 performances in Cheryl Cole’s hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne. The string of shows will also coincide with the act’s latest single, “Something New,” which is out on November 18. The new single can also be found on the group’s ‘best of’ … Continue reading

Paul Heaton The 8th Review

A rare summer evening at St Paul’s square, Birmingham last night. We had arrived at St Paul’s Church to watch “Paul Heaton Presents…The 8th.” which is billed as a “soul opera” and laden with songs from the former frontman of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South. We’d arrived a little early, so headed to the nearest pub for some refreshments … Continue reading

Eurovision Song Contest

With the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals and Finals set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 22, 24 and 26th, the anticipation for the amazing event is building at a steady pace. The BBC Eurovision 2012 announcement of the UK entry winner, Engelbert Humperdinck along with the #1 spot in the final line-up going to the UK, has … Continue reading

Diamond Jubilee Concert Fit for a Queen

This June 2012, Britain will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s sixtieth year as reign of the United Kingdom with a series of events known as the Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty will be honoured with a number of events including Diamond Jubilee concert scheduled for Monday June 4, 2012. The Queen herself will be on hand to make an appearance at this … Continue reading

Eurovision Song Contest

The 56th Eurovision song contest is to be held on May 10, 12 and 14, 2011 in the LTU arena in Dusseldorf. After last year’s contribution from the German interpreter Lena Meyer-Mandruth, Germany won the contest in Oslo. Basically, five countries are directly set up for the final round. This includes the host (Germany) and the rest of the so-called … Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor?

Nothing seems to make good entertainment like TV reality shows. Sitting in the comfort of our homes, we love to see the relative unknowns becomes favourites of the all the citizens of the British Union Jack. Two shows that are currently trying to edge each other out are Strictly Come Dancing (SCD) and X-Factor. SCD brings dancing professionals and celebrities … Continue reading

My Visit to Whitby Gothic Weekend

Whitby Gothic Weekend is also referred to as Whitby. This festival takes place twice a year for Goths and this year, as usual it took place in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. Upon arrival at the event my ticket was exchanged for a wristband. For those photographers amongst you, it is a wonderful music and photography event. But for me, it … Continue reading

1980s Pop Duos

Music trends are ever changing. Yet many times trends bring very influential types of music as well as musicians. The 1980’s were no different. The time of the pop duo had reached a peak and brought us amazing bands full of attitude and spirit that became the inspiration for many artists today. It helped that the new-wave movement during the … Continue reading