World Cup Face Painting Ideas

There is nothing better to do than relax with the family and catch a world cup game on the television to get everyone together to enjoy a nice day of competitive sports. Another way to take the excitement to the next level is to get the kids more involved with their favourite teams and players. A good one to prepare them for a nice day of watching the world cup is to help them paint their faces and turn it into a family arts and crafts activity.

Whether you are enjoying the World Cup 2010 live or from the comfort of your home it is always fun for all of your family and friends to get in a festive mood and paint their faces to cheer on their favourite teams. There are many different options you have when trying to think of different face painting designs for the world cup:

  • Writing

The most simple and quick ideas are just to write your favourite team, players name, or your team’s country on your face and arms using the team colours.

  • Flag

Another easy thing to do is the whole flag or just simply the flag colours so you can show your patriotism to your favourite team’s country. This is also one of the most common face painting designs to show your team love and support.

  • Team Logos

You can also draw the team logo on your face or if you do not really have a favourite team but still want to partake in all the fun then you can draw a football on your face.

  • Favourite Player

If you are a little more artistic and have more time to play with than you can either consider drawing your favourite player on your face with their name underneath the painting or on the other side of your face.

Once you start the face painting activity make sure everyone gets involved so you can all have fun showing each other what you have created. If you are doing a large painting of a flag or maybe even a team logo it is faster and easier to use a sponge as opposed to a brush. But if you’re going to do writing or some sort of intricate design then your safest best is to just use a brush.

These activates make great family fun and it will hype everyone up for the big World Cup games. Whether you’re in the stands of the football stadium or cheering on your favourite teams from the comfort of your home there is nothing like a face painting activity to get everyone one in the mood for a nice day of football.

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