7 Reasons Why Americans Love Great Britain

Are you heading out to the UK this summer? If not, then I recommend you go. Say goodbye to Uncle Sam and visit the home of the Queen. If you don’t like the Queen, here a few things you will enjoy.

1. Great Britain offers the real English language. Forget going to the bathroom and instead head out to the loo. Discover the proper, sophisticated language that outshines American slang. The British accent is also always fun to witness firsthand as well.

2. The UK is the home of Queen Elizabeth II. She is one of the few remnants of past royalty. Experience the grandiose ceremonies and witness the royal family strolling through London. Having royalty makes Great Britain that much more interesting than the celebrity supporting Yanks.

3. If you’re living in Great Britain chances are you have money. The high standards of living in Great Britain means that the country is not very keen on poverty. With all of the lavish mansions, apartments, complexes, and expensive cities, it does cost a bit more than your average Holiday Inn.

4. The cities are lavish and exciting, but the countryside is luscious and stunning. In fact, one of the best things about Great Britain are the miles of sloping fields, the mist covered hillsides, and the green trees that back lit the landscape. When you’re travelling through the countryside, you’ll notice the cool, crisp, fresh air that brushes by you ever so often. It’s one of the cleanest environments to live in.

5. Living is Great Britain is both healthy and forgiving. The country offers free health care whenever it’s needed. You don’t have to worry about health insurance during a heart attack. With each sector of health providing excellent benefits, it’s no wonder that Great Britain is one of the best in the world when it comes to health care.

6. The country is home of the BBC and British Comedy. Who doesn’t enjoy British humour? Witness the BBC in person and enjoy their original version of The Office.

7. The UK is a spectacle of itself. The city of London is both beautiful and historical. The island nation divides into provinces and countries. Each part of the island nation has its own beauty and history. Living in Great Britain is like sitting at the international throne for it oversees the rest of the world.

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