Union Jack Beach Towel

It’s summertime. Time for rest, for making happy memories, but most of all things – the best time to be on a sun lounger! This means that thousands and a thousand more tourists are heading right in this exact moment to occupy the few remaining “golden” spots on the beach (or around the coolness of the swimming pool).

German Flag Towel War

When talking about “Towel Wars”, nobody fights better than the two pretenders for the title – Germany and Great Britain. Oh, for those wars novels could be written and it’s for sure that they will become best-sellers. There are already cartoons on the subject so who knows what else may be created in the future. But for now you will have to settle-down with only this small but epic story about the War of the Wars.

German Flag Towel

It all started 30 or even more years ago. First, things were innocent. A German sun lounger or two would reserve his place on the beach for later use, while the British were still happily snoring in their beds. Things were fine for a while, there were no problems in sight. Then, suddenly, the situation became completely out of control. The number of taken positions was increasing through contamination. Once the British were awake and finally were heading towards their dreamed, warm destination, they froze in terror. There was a sea in front of them alright, but not just quite what they were expecting – it was a special kind, a beach towel sea.

The clever Germans have originated an interesting way of being sure that the sea coast will always have an awaiting spot for them – they leave a beach towel early in the morning, while the enemy is asleep, and they use them whenever they feel like it. This upsets the Union Jack beach towel very much. So much, that there are many documented lawsuits of British tourists complaining about the German harassment over the Great Union Jack beach towel. They claim that the German sun loungers are intentionally poking with its patience.

This towel “war” hasn’t affected only the common man. It has gone all the way up to the nations’ press. The both counties are biting each other from one title to another. There is no sure exit out of the Beach Towel War. One is certain – as long as there are seas, there will be the German vs British beach towel war!

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