How To Decorate A Vuvuzela

Although the World Cup been and gone, you probably still have your vuvuzela gathering dust in the wardrobe. Well, now it’s about time to make some noise to cheer on British sports teams, up and down the land. So wipe away those cobwebs, give it a once over wipe and let’s give that vuvuzela a Union Jack makeover!

This South African traditional horn can be purchased with brand names, graphics and colours already on them, but if you really want to show your own flare and style to decorate vuvuzela follow these simple and fun steps. To get started and decorate vuvuzela like the Union Jack vuvuzela you can first purchase either a white or blue horn and gather all other materials like the below list.

-Red, white and blue water soluble paint
-A paint brush
-Water for rinsing the paint brush after applying each colour
-A container for the paint brush rinse water
-If needed, an example of the Union Jack flag.

Once you have all of the materials and a clean protected surface, use the example of the flag as a template for recreating the pattern on the horn. If starting with a white horn, apply the blue paint first to the entire horn, allow it to dry completely and rinse the blue paint from the brush. Next, apply the red paint to match your flag template. If starting with a blue horn, you can skip the first step of applying the blue paint and go to applying the red paint. Lastly, once the red paint has dried and is rinsed from your brush, apply the white paint as the example shows and like the other colours let dry.
Now blow your Union Jack vuvuzela.

If your horn will show off your personal flare in design, below are some examples of other materials you may consider.

-Self adhesive decals
-Paint in flag colours of the country whose team you are a fan of
-Permanent markers of different colors for friends and other fans of the same team to sign your horn
-Streamers glued to the wide end of the vuvuzela
-Beading or fabric for wrapping

The best part about decorating your vuvuzela is that after the excitement of the World Cup has gone you can continue using it for other sporting events or special occasions. Imagine how much fun it would be to blow your vuvuzela at a rugby game or at a joyous celebration. Not only will this bring more fun to your fan or party experience, but it is likely that many others in attendance will want to decorate their own vuvuzela. Remember some of these decorating tips to share with your friends and fellow fans.

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