September 2010

Love British Food Fortnight Event

One thing that the British have a great love for is food. Not just the idea of the consumption of it, but every aspect of it from its very beginnings to the time it is placed on a plate for consumption. When the mere mention of food is uttered in Britain, you are not merely speaking of a suggestion to appease an appetite, you are opening the doorway to an education on what Britain has raised to be a true art form; the preparation of food. Is it surprising then... Read More

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Who Puts the Pride into Britain?

From Union Jack suits to Union Jack evening dresses, the Pride of Britain Awards inspires the most patriotic among us. Celebrities take a back seat to some truly remarkable individuals from all walks of life. Young and old, these people put most of us to shame with their courage and bravery. Stories of amazing selflessness and kindness, mixed with heart rending tragedy and suffering, make for one of the most humbling nights. This Autumn, comes the Twelfth annual Pride of Britain Awards. A very special awards ceremony dedicated to recognizing... Read More


Pope visits Britain

The Pope’s visit to England comes exactly one year after Pope Benedict XVI proposal to the Church of England to return to the Roman Catholic Church. To show the Pope’s willingness to accept the Anglican Churches traditions which include married clergy, the Pope agreed to allow the Anglican Church to keep that tradition which is decidedly different from traditional Roman Catholic qualifications for the priesthood. To show appreciation for the Pope’s understanding of Anglican ways, you can announce to the Pope your English heritage by wearing a Union Jack Blanket... Read More