Battle of Trafalgar Day Celebrations

October 21st is a big day for the whole of Britain, because that was the day when Lord Horatio Nelson led the British fleet to one of the largest victories ever recorded in the history of mankind. Though this war proved a bit costly for him, the victory and triumph he brought to the whole of England is remembered proudly even today. The fleet that defeated the notorious Napoleonic fleet contained many ships made of wood and a courageous navy that never lost faith in their captain even for one second. Unfortunately, the great Lord died on the very same day, but his death was not in vain, because the Napoleonic army was greatly feared in England and without him, the victory would never have been possible.

Bit of History

Battle of Trafalgar Day Celebrations will never be complete without an appropriate tribute to the great Lord Horatio Nelson who was born on September 29, 1758. He had a great military career, but unfortunately, he lost his right arm from gunfire during the Battle of Santa Cruz in 1778 and the sight of his right eye during the siege of Calvi in 1794. He has a series of achievements to his name. He entered the military when he was a mere 12 years old. His ascent to glory is fondly remembered by his followers and he was made the commander of the Baltic Sea. Just before he was about to set out for the battle against the combined forces of the mighty Spanish and French fleets in the Battle of Trafalgar, he sent a signal to his men reminding them that ‘England expects that every man will do his duty’.

The Trafalgar badge is remembered even now because of the embossed immortal signal that Nelson gave his men. It even contains his portrait in two-dimensional belt style. These Trafalgar badges are minimal in number so that the significance will never be lost. The Royal Navy white ensign badge is 36mm tall, 28mm wide and moulded of high quality zinc. They come in both copper and dark-toned silver colour. Each of the original Royal Navy white ensign badges has been individually numbered to keep track of all the badges ever created and to make them unique. The original Trafalgar badge has been embossed with “1805 / BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR and DEATH OF LORD NELSON / 2005”

Remembering Lord Nelson

To commemorate Lord Horatio’s death and the victory, which he brought England, a huge tower called the Nelson’s Column was designed and erected by William Railton in 1843. It took just three years to build this column in the Trafalgar Square. There are several roads that lead to the Trafalgar Square and this has made the area hugely popular with both the public and tourists alike. There are several other monuments there besides the statue of Lord Nelson.

Lord Nelson was made Vice Admiral of the White Squadron. There was also the White Ensign, the Red Ensign and the Blue Ensign. These colours are taken from the Union Jack Flags . It was under the White Squadron, that the Battle of Trafalgar was fought. It was in 1606, that the Union Jack Flags were created and it was made by merging the Scottish Flag with the England Flag. The term Union Jack was given to independent England when Scotland, Northern Ireland and England became one. However, there is another flag that is used to identify British vessels that are flown by British citizens or by the British military – it’s called the Royal Navy White Ensign flag . It was in 1627 that the entire British Fleet was divided into three squadrons based on seniority – The White, Red and Blue Ensign. All British vessels have been using the Royal Navy White Ensign flag since 1864 when the squadron system was given up and the entire Royal navy adopted this ensign. The merchant navy uses the Red Ensign while non-military government vessels are required to use the Blue Ensign.

Battle of Trafalgar Day Celebrations

Ever since the victory of England, the event is celebrated every year. The Sea Cadet Corps lead a Trafalgar Day Parade through the Trafalgar Square in London. They will also be flying a Royal Navy white ensign flag for the Navy. The cadets are made up of several youth members who are quite familiar with the customs and traditional practices of the Royal Navy. During this commemorative event, it’s these cadets that have the honour of flying the Naval Flag.

Tourists can visit the majestic HMS Victory all year round even though it will never to able to set sail again. It is docked at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. A huge statue of Lord Nelson Horatio can be seen on the column built at Trafalgar Square. His statue sports the famous nelson hat and from his hat to the tips of his toes, the structure measures 50 meters. Lord Nelson Horatio is quite famous for his nelson hat One can get buy replicas of a nelson hat online for a good price. Children mostly wear them at parties and at fancy dress competitions.

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