Tom Daley: Britain’s Diving Wonderboy

Take a virtual wander through the online retail community and you’ll find items like Union Jack hand held flags , Union Jack bunting and Union Jack swimming trunks have received significant sales boosts. Union Jack hand held flags are naturally the preferred choice for those for those fortunate enough to attend the recent 2010 Commonwealth Games. Union Jack hand held flags and Union Jack bunting could be making appearances at private viewing parties too. However, it’s pretty sure no one’s been tacking up or waving any Union Jack swimming trunks . Odds are any increased sales can be traced straight to fan loyalty aimed at one Brit, diver, Tom Daley . Tom Daley has given British fans and London herself a lot to be proud of. With the 2012 Olympics a skip and a jump away, London 2012 is sure to continue to keep a close eye on him.

Birth of a Legend

Daly joined a select diving crew after being spotted diving at the ripe old age of seven.

Recognition in Britain

In 2003, still less than ten years old, Daley took significant victories at the National Novice Championships and the Southampton Invitational.

Worldwide Celebrity Status

2005 saw Tom Daley prevail at the Australian Elite Junior Nationals, while there at special invitation. A similar relaxation of the rules allowed him to compete and win at the 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival. Further successes garnered through The International Swimming Federation and through British Championships marked Daley’s record long before 2010 and Commonwealth Games glory. International appreciation for his youthful abilities escalated in 2008 with his appearance at the Olympics.

Tom Daly’s individual platform showing at the 2010 Commonwealth games placed him neatly above second placer, China’s Qui Bo, and catapulted him into World Diving history. However, for British diving fans that was only one of the Game’s many thrills. The same fans that stayed glued through Daly’s seemingly ill-timed breakup with diving partner, Aldridge, in the 2008 Olympics, were there to cheer him on when he and partner, Max Black, took gold in their synchronized event. Whatever the world’s bigger stage or London 2012 holds for this remarkable young man, it’s clear that Daley’s designation as a notable young ‘Sports Personality’ in 2007 by the BBC was relevant both then and now.

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