British Pub Week

British Pub Week is an event that runs from October Saturday 30th to November 6th. It is meant to preserve the cultural, historical and social importance of the pub. British Pub Week unites the nation in celebration of all that pubs stand for. It is to show people all that pubs have to offer.

Pubs all across the nation are uniting together to show how important pubs are to the whole society. Inez Ward, who founded British Pub Week, states that the even is a great time for pub industry members to unite while preparing for the week. The week is full of excellent entertainment, fundraisers, delicious food, tasty drinks and fun for all. It is a time for people to bond together and celebrate the wonders of pubs. Ward asks that everyone get behind the event and support the pubs.

Many fun events have already taken place during British Pub Week

  • Saturday October 30th Halloween was celebrated with Hobgoblin.
  • Sunday October 31st was live entertainment
  • Monday November 1st showed how local communities are served by pubs.
  • Tuesday November 2nd is a night to eat out locally.

Upcoming events for British Pub Week:

  • Wednesday November 3rd the tradition of pub games such as darts, pool, card games and dominos is celebrated. More modern games such as Wii Sports or a Xbox soccer contest might be played too. Support for a local rugby or football team will also be shown and bar billiards or tug of war might be played for something a little different.
  • Thursday November 4th is a night for questions. Team names will be chosen and then it will be time to quiz away.
  • Friday November 5th is the night to raise funds for those in the community in need by having a disco or sponsoring an event like getting people to sing in a bath of baked beans or get one of the barmen to wax his chest and legs.
  • Saturday November 6th is the British Pub Week Grand Finale for the year. It is a night of parties to celebrate yet another great year of entertainment and fun.

British Pub week is a great time for people to get together and honor pubs. Pubs contribute a lot to the community. It is a great time to get out and have fun as a community, to enjoy something that is unique and special like the pub. British Pub week gets people all over the nation together for a week of unity and pleasure. It is a week to celebrate a wonderful tradition, the pub.

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