My Visit to Whitby Gothic Weekend

Whitby Gothic Weekend is also referred to as Whitby. This festival takes place twice a year for Goths and this year, as usual it took place in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.

Upon arrival at the event my ticket was exchanged for a wristband. For those photographers amongst you, it is a wonderful music and photography event. But for me, it was all about learning from those with a Gothic lifestyle. This festival is known around the world and so it is considered to be the most popular gothic event.

The festival is well known to attract people from all regions of the world. Most of this years festival’s events took place at the Whitby Spa Pavilion. As it’s a weekend festival it began on Thursday and lasted through until Monday. Some of the fun events available to take part in were football, club night, markets, sandcastle building competitions, picnics, boating, photography and a small amount of drinking!

The most popular attraction by far was the live entertainment from bands like: Autumn Cannibals, Wayne Hussey, The Stripper Project, The Last Cry, Manuskript, and Pro-Jekt. The Spa Pavilion was where drinks a good range of food was sold and served for those attending this exciting event.

Overall, It was a weekend filled with excitement and fun! If your planning to visit Whitby Gothic Weekend 2011, then Whitby is great for tourists and the town has a lot of fun things to do.

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