Red Nose Day is Something to Laugh About

Red Nose Day is upon us once more, and it’s just about time to put on the red nose and give a little comic relief for a good cause.

Red Nose Day is a day where anybody can exhibit the their sense of humour in odd and funny ways in order to help transform lives across the UK and Africa. After a day of joking, the day of funny explodes into a night of jokes on the BBC , all in the name of helping the less fortunate.

Even if you don’t want to do anything goofy, like wear a pair of pyjamas to work, but you still want to help people, you can always just buy a red nose from Sainsbury’s and help support the cause!

It’s already March 18th, but it’s not too late for you to find some ideas that will help you celebrate Red Nose Day .

Do you have some fashion faux pas clothing items in your closet that you would never think of wearing on a normal day? Well, you can find someone to sponsor you to wear these ugly clothes out in public. Or, you can set a theme day, from sci-fi to 70’s vintage, and pay to wear your clothes for the day.

Maybe you don’t want to do anything funny for this special day, but you would still like to help? Then you can just visit and find out how you can simply donate money to the cause.

With Red Nose Day , you can be as creative as you want while helping to contribute to those less fortunate, all while giving the people around you, and yourself, a reason to smile. This March 18th, celebrate this special event and spread the laughter to your community and the charity to those less fortunate in Africa and the UK by celebrating this funny holiday.

Visit, or just visit your local Sainsbury’s and find out the many ways you can help the less fortunate by spreading laughter and joy to those around you.

photo credit: dominics pics

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