Host a World Cup Football Party

Hosting a World Cup Football Party is a great way to show your enthusiasm for your country and have lots of fun doing it. In order to have a spectacular party, a well thought out theme and party menu is in order. Young and old can enjoy a World Cup Football party with diverse games and decorations.

Decorations can make a party pop with the right type of theme

Party stores sell most of the decoration supplies that you are after. Purchase international flags and string from the ceiling or outside along a covered patio or deck. Football is the main theme of this party. Pick up some Football decorations and use them for centrepieces on tables, balloons, and red and blue streamers.

Prove food from around the world

The menu can include foods from international cultures. Have your guests pick a country and bring a dish that originates from that country. Set up a table for all of the food to be displayed on. Have a flag set up next to each dish that is brought. Don’t just stop at the food, remember the drinks. This is a great party to have everyone involved in learning about different cultures and countries.

Keeping your guests entertained

Games can liven up any parties atmosphere. Football is the central theme of a World Cup Football Party. Have a contest to see who can juggle a Football ball the longest. Another great game would be a small obstacle course. Set up a couple different stations that involve Football ball juggling, dribbling a Football ball on the ground, heading a Football ball, and goalie kicks.

Music is a huge part of Football around the world. Play a music cd that has all of the hyped up chants sang at international Football matches. This is a well loved part of the game from the fans point of view. Your guests will love listening to the different cheers made by fans from around the world.

Don’t forget to have the World Cup Football matches on your tv. Everyone will have a blast watching the big matches while enjoying the party. Of course you can always have a Football match of your own in the backyard. Have teams represent different countries participating in the World Cup. Make this party a big event in your neighbourhood.

Remember the World Cup only comes around once every four years, so have a celebration!

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