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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Cheryl Cole – Hair, Tattoos & Ashley

Who Is Cheryl Cole? In 2009, a five-girl R&B and pop group in the UK named themselves, Girls Aloud, producing a hit winning the award for Best Singles, The Promise, and then shortly thereafter disbanded. One of these five, Cheryl Cole, went on to produce, write, and perform two subsequent albums, Three Words (2009) and Messy Little Raindrops” (2010), the … Continue reading

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Union Jack Heart

Today, launches a nationwide crusade to encourage all you wonderful people to show your support for our great nation. It’s your time to shine and show the rest of the world that we take pride in our United Kingdom. Why have a Union Jack Heart ? Music – we gave the world the Stones, Beatles, Oasis, Cliff. Oh, and … Continue reading

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Fancy Dress Costumes – Not Just for Halloween

Halloween is coming up and with the ghouls and ghosts come the need for fancy dress costumes. There are many possibilities for this upcoming Halloween. Costume ideas can be found all over the web. You might want to go with a particular theme, such as policeman fancy dress or a police women outfit. There are no shortage of costumes this … Continue reading

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Americans Love British Accents and James Bond

Britain has a long standing history and what comes with that history are a number of accomplishments and cultural heritage. There is a consistent fascination about British people their culture among Americans. America and England fought eight years in the Revolutionary war and America declared independence in 1776. There were several fights between American and England. However with time, they … Continue reading

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