Americans Love British Accents and James Bond

Britain has a long standing history and what comes with that history are a number of accomplishments and cultural heritage. There is a consistent fascination about British people their culture among Americans. America and England fought eight years in the Revolutionary war and America declared independence in 1776. There were several fights between American and England. However with time, they became friends and have been helping each other out in international affairs.

So what is it about Britain and its people that fascinates Americans? Lets take a look. Well for one it is the accent, which tells them apart. Lot of Americans like to imitate British accent and have fun with it. Then there is of course the royalty. Since Americans are all about democracy, I believe it the charm of royalty that is attractive. Prince Charles and Princess Diana have been in the news forever and America continues to be fascinated with the royal family.

The history of the United Kingdom is long and fascinating as well. The historic architecture and buildings and the legends associated with them are all to be admired. Coming to modern times, British people seem to enjoy life and lead a more balanced life. Americans on the other hand are too busy working for them to enjoy life. English food in general but tea and biscuits in particular are everyone’s favourite.

There is something to be said about British cars and their size. Speaking of cars, English people drive on the correct side of the road and our bright red buses and phone booths catch the eye too. Speaking of fascination, how can we forget Bond? Pretty much whole of America or even the world is in love with James Bond movies. English media has also produced some of the finest comedians like Mr Bean. What you see today on American television reality shows are the very popular British judges. America loves to hear these British,  Americas Got Talent judges and their comments.

British music is also very popular amongst Americans. Beatles’ music is so evergreen. Last but not the least, British literature in general and literary work of Shakespeare in particular has amazing amount of mystery and allure to it. With so much cultural heritage, it is not a surprise that Americans are fascinated by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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