Cheryl Cole – Hair, Tattoos & Ashley

Who Is Cheryl Cole?

In 2009, a five-girl R&B and pop group in the UK named themselves, Girls Aloud, producing a hit winning the award for Best Singles, The Promise, and then shortly thereafter disbanded. One of these five, Cheryl Cole, went on to produce, write, and perform two subsequent albums, Three Words (2009) and Messy Little Raindrops” (2010), the latter of which gained the number one album for that year in England.

First a star on TV series, Popstars: The Rivals program on British television, in 2010, she earned a place among the judge panel on the television reality show, the British version of the “ x factor .” She was set for judging on the American version of the show, which premiered earlier this month, but rumour was she was “sacked” two weeks before airing of the show for undisclosed reasons.

Cheryl Cole Facts

As a young girl, dancing was her first interest. Since then, Cole has graced the covers multiple times for magazines that include modelling for British Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bizarre. She is the current face of L’Oreal Elvive hair products. In 2006, Cheryl married footballer Ashley Cole, and after at least two publicised instances of her husband engaging in sexual relations with other women, even after a reconciliation, Cheryl filed for divorce in 2010.

Decorated with five tattoos, gracing her thigh, lower back, neck, derriere, and hand, Cheryl currently is said to want to remove her hand tattoo, a Maori style (New Zealand) preferring to have only Polynesian style tattoos adorning her body. Her photograph can be seen on any present-day entertainment publication involving television, pop music, or celebrity gossip. Her pictures for her Official Calendar 2012 is influences from 1980’s garb and designs. Her single, “ fight for this love ” is so popular it is available for mobile ring tones, having risen to the UK‘s top hit the fastest of any other pop single. Fight For This Love rose up the UK Top Hit list faster than any other single on record.

Latest on Cheryl Cole

Andy “Bagsy” Baker, a soldier in the Royal Marines, met and presently communicates with the pop star who visited the British troops stationed in Afghanistan to perform her music. News reports state she is still dating her ex-husband.

Cheryl Cole is young, beautiful, and talented, and only at 28 years of age, one would hope she maintains a discriminating balance between stardom and reality, work and family, fans and self. Hopefully Cole will go on to succeed in many venues, and become the serious Hollywood actress she dreams of becoming. Her goal will start with her current efforts to take up residence in the United States.

Photo: Daniel Suarez

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