English Flag Dress is a Union Jackpot

Do you really want to spice things up at the next costume party?

I think what you need is a little ginger in your life…Ginger Spice, that is.

If you are shopping for the perfect sexy British costume, do not go any further; you have come to the right place. Buy our English flag dress and be the talk of the party! It is a fun, flirty, and fabulously short mini skirt dress. The body of the dress is sleeveless and on the front of it there is a large image of the British flag in fabric.

Who said the Brits were uptight? There is nothing uptight about this British flag dress. Please refer to the size chart found within the pictures of this British costume to make sure your English flag dress fits you just right.

There are no other English costumes that can compare to this British flag dress. Do not forget, it is the perfect conversation piece. “If you wanna be my lover…” Remember that Spice Girls hit? Now, you can bring all the Spice Girls back together, and be the hit of the party in this Ginger Spice dress.

As far as English costumes go, this one is a sure winner. The British flag fabric is flexible and comfortable enough to dance and move around in all night long. You will not find another Ginger Spice dress out there that is quite like this one. So stop looking, buy this English flag dress, and wear it proudly. There is no better tribute to England than to be in the ultimate British flag dress.

Be the most patriotic party girl and wear this British costume. I know you need some Ginger in your life. Buy this sexy Ginger Spice dress! You will not regret it.

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