British Expats Living the Dream

Expats in Australia

Alan and Heather Nelson, A London couple made their way to Sidney, Australia and loved expatriate living at first until the mundane things of bills and jobs kicked in. Oh sure they still love the sightseeing trips they do on occasion, but after the honeymoon reality kicked in. Expats should check-out the Aussie Immigration site on-line for a relatively problem-free move. Purchasing expat insurance will be a thing to consider. You can purchase international travel, health and auto insurance.

There are many expat’s flocking to Australia, and a BBC report says that it’s the number one destination for expats, and they tend to stay permanently or stay longer than those who decide to live in other countries like the U.S., Canada, Singapore or Hong Kong. But although this report is rosy, many expats living in Australia find the pressures of work difficult, and they are not that active as they thought they would be.

Moving to Canada

British expats moving abroad to Canada get an immigration counsellor, fill-out paperwork, and then hopefully get approved. One British expat, Frank Walker found himself in Vancouver and loves it. His work day starts at 7 a.m., and he gets off at 3 p.m., and begins to have fun. For instance, he stops for coffee at the many coffee houses, or goes to farmer’s markets for organic food, or to a microbrewery for some afternoon sampling of local beers, or he may choose to dine at fantastic eateries wondering if he should do sushi or have soup and a sandwich. Weekends are all about exploring the hiking trails, and driving the scenic roads to places like Whistler where you find yourself surrounded by huge mountain ranges, lush vegetation, rushing rivers, dense forests and scenery that you are sure can’t be real.

British Expats in America

British expats in America love the freedom and ease of traveling over varied landscapes, they find it easy to make friends with Americans, they love the low sales tax, the low cost of living especially in many areas of the country where you can purchase an affordable spacious home with a huge garden, and the low fuel prices which are about one-third cheaper than in Britain. You will also find many English pubs offering the usual English food fare, antique wood bars, exposed brick-walls, and vaulted ceilings to make homesick British expats feel more at home.

Expats in Spain

British expats in Spain are fleeing back to Britain due to the economic crash. Britain’s obsession with the sun-filled land is over. Expat bars along the azure Mediterranean coasts are no longer filled with happy expats who once talked joyfully about being in Spain, but now the talk has become fearful with whisperings about people packing up in the middle of the night and fleeing the country.

Are you a British Expat living the dream? We want to here from your. Share your story with us!

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