Proud to be British [Infographic]

What are the British famous for? The British flag or Union Jack is one item that is most definitely British. Upon seeing the flag, people automatically think of England. Of course there are other things that the British are famous for as well.

London is a famous city that is located in England. While strolling the city streets, visitors and locals alike can see Big Ben, another famous British icon. While in the city, visitors can tour the London Tower Bridget and see the Crown Jewels.The Royal Family is also something that the British are famous for. Many people come to visit Buckingham palace to see the guards and hopefully catch a glimpse of one of the members of the Royal Family.

The concept of Greenwich Mean Time was originally a British concept but became the worldwide and helped to set time zones across the globe. British Airways flights are also something the British are famous for.

However, most people outside of Britain think of things like a red telephone box, pubs, afternoon tea, pocket watches, and the great sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

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