Lets Get This Hen Party Started Ladies!

Ladies what is the best party you can think of? That’s right a hen party! No men allowed! The last party of your single life. So to help you out, I’ve included so of the best hen party ideas! There are many kinds of hens party themes you can choose from. Break out your hen night t-shirts and get ready for some of the best party games a “hen” can do.

Classy Hen Night Ideas

There are many different games that can be played at your Hen party. This is your hen party, and if classy is what you want, then classy is what you get. First you could have a scavenger hunt. You would hide different things that pertain to the wedding. Give your party guests clues to what is hidden and let them try to find them. Whoever finds the most gets a prize. Another one of the hen do party games is have the party goers write down advice and good wishes for the bride on cards and have them put into a binder for the bride to have. It is a sweet memory, and a good way to get everyone involved.

Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Now for the more crazier hen nights, you might want to strap some hen party sashes on and jump into a limo. Go out clubbing and have some fun. Another fun unusual thing you could do is, have hen party spa days and pamper your party guests; book one of many hen weekend packages available online. It will help you relax too. One of the most unusual party ideas is a murder mystery hen night! This game is a fun who dun it that makes everyone in your party have to guess who killed who.

Cheap Hen Night

Now if you are looking at a big wedding bill, there are many different party ideas that are not as expensive. Have a party at home. Get some pizzas and watch movies. Play some different party games. There are drinking games for those who like to drink. Another game can date back to your teenage years. Play truth or dare! Find out the hidden secrets of your friends. Play cards games, pokers not just for him anymore!

There are different hens party accessories, hen party games, and party themes you can choose from that can make your night fun. It’s your night ladies have a great time!

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