60 Glorious Years: Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-2012

Upon the death of her father, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of England in February 1952. At that time, she also became the queen of six other Commonwealth countries. In addition to England, these countries included Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Ceylon(Sri Lanka) and Australia. Over the years, some of these countries gained independence and became republics. Today, numerous other countries have been added to her kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II has remained an unwavering figure, serving as a role model for the people of England during both prosperous and difficult times in Britain’s history. During her reign of England, there have been four serious downturns in the economy, twelve Prime Ministers have come and gone, and technological advancements have made a significant impact on the country. Through world-wide wars and rumours of wars, she has remained steadfast in carrying out her duties as the Queen of England, making her a beloved person in the hearts of her people.

Sixty Glorious Years: Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee, 1952-2012 Book includes rarely seen photos, which offers a unique and unparalleled perspective of the life of Queen Elizabeth II; a woman who will go down in Britain’s history as the longest surviving ruler.

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