Diamond Jubilee Review

Some events only happen once in a lifetime, and one of those happened the weekend of the 2nd of June when souvenirs were sold as the Diamond Jubilee 2012 was underway. Queen Elizabeth II, coroneted on 2 June 1953, has sat on the throne for over six decades, and the celebration was spread out over four days’ time.

Day 1 – Queen at Epsom

The 2nd of June had the Queen at the Epsom Derby, where the Queen Jubilee’s celebration began. Over 130,000 people attended this event hoping to see the Queen there.

Also in attendance were Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Princess Eugenie commemorated the event by having her fingernails painted with the Union Jack logo on them, and the trio were serenaded by Katherine Jenkins from Wales singing the national anthem and Ashleigh and Pudsey, who were champions on Britain’s Got Talent.

Day 2 – Thames Jubilee Pageant

The following day saw Her Royal Highness at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, a festival featuring the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Edinburgh riding on the Spirit of Chartwell, which is the royal barge. During this trip, Prince Philip developed a bladder infection and had to go to a hospital. Still, many jubilee pictures were taken with the members of the Royal Family there.

Day 3 – Diamond Jubilee Concert

The 4th had the Royals Attending the Diamond Jubilee 2012 concert at Buckingham Palace and the whole thing was put together by the frontman of Take That, Gary Barlow. Many big-name stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Sir Elton John, Dame Shirley Bassey and Robbie Williams had performed for the Royals in their honour, starting at 7:30 that night. Roughly 500,000 patrons had waved diamond jubilee flags at the concert.

Also, this show featured a song called Sing, which was a song made especially for that jubilee, written by Mr. Barlow himself and performed by the Military Wives’ choir, along with several other musicians from around the commonwealth.

After that, the Queen also lit the National Beacon to celebrate her six decade reign. Many jubilee images were left in people’s memories after that show.

Day 4 – St. Paul’s Cathedral Thanksgiving

The final day of festivities happened on Tuesday the 5th when several members of the Royal family attending a Thanksgiving celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Queen was escorted down the Aisle by many members of the family and the show included a special prayer for the jubilee as well as a performance from children around the UK.

After the service, the Queen went to a service at the Mansion House while all the rest of the Royals attended a ceremony at Guildhall before they all went to the Palace of Westminster for a luncheon.

The People’s Queen – 60 years of reigning Britain

In conclusion, the Diamond Jubilee 2012 was a momentous occasion filled with many activities to commemorate sixty years for our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Many souvenirs like diamond jubilee flags were sold and people all over the UK came out in support of the monarch that for many of them was the ruler their entire lives.

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