Best Beaches in UK

If you are planning to go on holiday and enjoy everything the UK has to offer, then you need to make some time for the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of great clean beaches in the UK and you will enjoy the top British beaches. Once you have a map or travel ticket and you are ready to go, it is then time to simply create a plan so you know which beaches are worth visiting.

Here are 3 beaches that you cannot miss.


If you are looking for a perfect beach for the family, Blackpool is the place. The beaches in the UK are always family friendly but this is something different. You can have a great Spanish-style experience at the golden sands that are perfect strolling around on. You can also head to Pleasure Beach where you can enjoy the UK’s tallest roller coaster.


This beach is hidden in the sands and coves and it is one of the most favourite local beaches in the area. If you are looking for a relaxed swim near the Polzeath area, you should hit the beach. There is also space and so you do not have to worry about hitting any surfers in the waters. It is a secluded area and will be a great place to visit.

St Ives Bay

If you are looking for a beach near the seaside that has amazing views, this is the best beach for that. Clean beaches are all over the UK but this ranks among the cleanest out there. Spend your seaside holidays here at the St Ives Bay and make sure you dress your kids in some new bucket and spade clothes as well. If you want to enjoy the views, make sure you also wear your Union Jack sunglasses as well to avoid the strong sun that you might experience.

Going to the beach in the UK is a fun experience and should be something that you must plan for if you want to enjoy the sun. These are only 3 of the beaches around but there are plenty more. If you want to have the best time in the UK, you need to check the beaches out. Start working out and make sure you bring your camera as well because it’s going to be a great holiday.

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