Andy Bates: Pie Man and Rising Star

In a world where we lose taste and flavour in our foods to mass production and the microwave, there is a glimmer of hope, and that comes in the form and charm of pie man, Andy Bates. His mission is to return British palates to the days of yesteryear when British grub was largely delicious, thanks to the rise of the largely hectic life and big supermarkets. Andy’s mission is to return taste to the taste buds of London.

And yes, the pie maker is becoming a rising star. The wares of Andy Bates have appeared on the Food Network, along with his stall at Whitecross Street Market. The network’s cameras caught passers-by as they enjoyed tasting all of Andy’s treats, including his famous Black Pudding Scotch Eggs. You can also catch him on his show, “Andy Bates’ Street Feasts.”

And for those too busy to catch him on the telly, you can always go, as soon as possible to his website, There you can not only see a listing of Andy’s delicacies, but you can also see step by step still photos of the pie man in action, performing his magic as only this pie maker can do. British grub at it’s best.

Every week the good people of London cannot only get more than a taste of Bates’ Black pudding scotch eggs, and pies, but also some of the most tasty tarts around. All week, Andy is hard at work as he sees his delicious creations come about. 500 scotch eggs, 200 pork pies, 20-30 chicken and ham hock pies, and 10 custard tarts are among the mouth watering goodies that come out of the pie man’s kitchen every week.

And can you get any of these tasty treats at your local supermarket? Oh, no! You either have to visit the Whitecross Street Market, on Thursday and Friday from 10am to 3pm, or the Broadway Market from 10am to 4pm. You may get to see Andy’s number one fan, his lovely mum. She helps him peddle his wares and gets the delicious word out to all the London taste buds.

But if you cannot make it to Whitecross Street Market or Broadway Market, do not fear. The pie maker will also cater your corporate or private events. He will bring his famous pies, tarts, and Black pudding scotch eggs to you.

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