Head To The Podium In Your Union Jack Trunks

Ask the average person on the street and I guarantee that they won’t know the difference between a pole vault and a pommel horse, but every 4 years they will at least pretend to care. The 2012 London Olympics are right around the corner and that means it’s time for everybody to start showing a little national pride. Sure you may not be able to make it to the games, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fly the flag of your home nation when you go swimming.

Union Jack Swimwear

Brits all across the world will be hopping into their Union Jack trunks in the hopes that squeezing their out of shape body into tight swimwear may somehow help raise the gold medal count. There will be some men that take it too far though, opting to hit the pool in a British flag speedo that leaves nothing to the imagination and really only serves as a reminder to the ladies at the pool to add bananas to the grocery list.

Patriotic Swimsuit

The ladies can do their part too by slipping into a hot little Union Jack bikini that might be enough to make natives of other countries seek asylum in the UK. It really says something about our society when we are accepting of a beautiful lady in a thong bikini bottom, but are appalled at a man in the same garment. I believe what it says is that society is in fact on the right path, no matter what anyone may say.

So when the time comes to go swimming, why not opt for Union Jack swimwear during the London Olympics. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, get those Union Jack trunks or bikini on and wear them with pride. A word of warning to the fellas though. If you want to raise the flag up the pole during the medal ceremony, you may want to do so in the privacy of your own home.

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