Classy Hen Party Games & Ideas

A hen party is a very important part of every bride’s experience, but not every bride wants to go out to a night club and play drinking games. If your friend is looking, a classy hen night, there are lots of ways to make sure the bride to be has a memorable upscale experience.

The following are several ideas to get you started.

Personalised Hen Night Book

A stack of note cards and pens can be the start of several classy hen party games. The hostess passes out a note card to each guest and has them write one piece of advice to the bride on their note card. After everyone is done, the hostess presents the bride with a scrap book and some glue. Each guest presents their card to the bride, allowing her to paste it in her memory book for her to look back on later. An alternate or additional game is to use note cards to write a personal memory about the bride, such as “I remember when Sandy and I met she had the greatest pair of neon stretch pants!” for her to paste in the memory book.

Classy Hen Night Games

If you are having a fancy dress party or a spa party, it can be difficult to think of hen party accessories and games to fit the occasion. There are, however, some excellent games that can be played around a table or in a sauna.

One is to have each guest tell three ‘facts’ about the bride, only one of which is true, and to have all the other guests guess which one is accurate. If you have a fancy bag, vase, or glass bowl, you can take with you, you can have guests write down how they met the bride on a small scrap of paper. When everyone is seated together at the spa or over dinner, have the bride pull them out one by one and see if she can identify which person wrote each note!

Hen parties are a fun way to celebrate friendship and marriage, and there are plenty of hen night games to fill an afternoon or evening. No matter what ideas you come up with, if you make sure to consider the bride to be it is sure to be a successful hen night.

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