Planning a Stag Do Party

The first stag party was held in the 5th century in Sparta, Greece. The men would hold a party in honour of someone soon to be wed. It may have been a way for families and friends to give the man gifts either for the bride on their wedding or to give gifts of financial support for his new family. In those days children were in anticipation within the obligatory months following the wedding night. So the soon to be wed gentlemen would soon be supporting more than just a wife. These early traditions probably included entertainment with other women symbolising the man’s last night to enjoy another woman’s company.

Stag Do Party Ideas

Traditions, especially stag do activities, have changed since that first stag party, but some things are similar:

1. The party is planned by the stag’s male family members or best friends.
2. The party possibly involves female entertainment.
3. This is a celebration of a man’s last night being single.

These things may remain the same, but the stag do ideas can vary from party to party. Many people with busy schedules take this opportunity to go out of town, or even stag weekends abroad have become popular with ideas like the “Prague stag do” as a motto. These types of stag destinations may involve more planning to secure plane reservations and hotel accommodations, particularly if you are travelling with more than a handful of friends to an out of town or abroad stag party destinations. If you need to coordinate with people flying to meet you from other locations, you might need to schedule the event months before the wedding, especially if they are also flying in for the stag’s wedding event.

If you have a large group of mates at your stag party, you will possibly need to make special arrangements for group dinners, or for private entertainment. Both of these require planning. You may be required to book out an entire facility for your group, or at least a private room for dinner. For your exclusive entertainment, you should consider a hotel suite or maybe your group would be better suited to renting a private home. This should all be considered in the original planning of location for the stag party.

Have a Backup Plan

It is a good idea to have a contingency plan for any type of event like this if a large number of “stag party” guests cancel at the last minute, or something that can be just as disrupting is if the word gets out, and everyone is now coming and bringing a mate. The latter can put a dampener on your plans more than having less people come.

Another really important thing to remember is to figure out how things will be paid. Restaurants are not going to be happy about 30 individual tabs for a dinner and may expect payment from one person. This is when you may want to have a pre-set menu and make sure everyone pays you in advance. If you are really organised, you can set it up so one person pays for all the rooms, meals and entertainment and then everyone pays a set price, with extras to be paid on your own. A better investment may be to stlook into stag party packages.

The last thing to remember in your list of stag do ideas, is to have a large supply of alka seltzer, paracetamol and water for your party guests – they will be grateful the morning after your celebrations.

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