Union J Poised to Make a Run at X Factor Crown

One of the hottest groups on this year’s version of the X factor is the boy band “Union J”. The group started as a trio on the show under the moniker “Triple J”. Triple J was a nod to the fact that the groups original three members (Jaymi, Josh, and JJ) all had names that started with the letter J.

Union J is Born

They made it through the opening rounds of X Factor and through the boot camp and were later invited to the judge’s house for the next round of competition. The group then became Union J when another group called Rough Copy was kicked off of the show. One of the members, George Shelley, was asked to come back to the show at the judge’s house and was inserted into Triple J. George was added to the group because of his skills as a soloist were viewed as an asset for them by their mentor, Louis.

Another interesting thing that George brings to the table is his ability to play the guitar. He has been playing the guitar since his early teens as he was taught by his grandfather. The other boys had some experience in music before they auditioned for X factor as well although Triple J had only been a group for 8 months. One of the members, Jaymi, actually was making a living giving singing and dancing lessons in his hometown. The other members also worked regular day jobs as well while they chased their dreams of becoming singing superstars.

The Future

This group has talent, looks, and added a new member that can take their sound to the next level. If they can keep a good head on their shoulders, they should be one of the odds-on favourites to win the British version of the X factor this year. Their mentor, Louis Walsh, will help them do everything it takes to get there. They were not thrown together like boyband One Direction in a previous X factor, but they could be just as popular as that group if they are given the right opportunities.

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