Halloween Vampire Makeup Tutorial

If you want a vampire look this Halloween, then we recommend watching this FANGtastic vampire makeup tutorial from makeup expert Emma Pickles.

Emma demonstrates her personal take on accomplishing the sexy, gothic vampire look and supplies tips on applying that all-important blood! Many more makeup tutorials can be found on Emma’s own YouTube channel.

The tutorial is perfect for those attending a Halloween party and not wanting to spend a fortune hiring or buying the usual run-of-the-mill Halloween custume. Infact this look will likely cost you zilch as you probably already have most of the items in your makeup box – well, apart from the optional fake blood !

We hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave your scary comments below.

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Video Transcription

I’m going to be using purples to create this look, but you can switch other colours to other colours you prefer, as long as you have a light colour, a dark colour and a black.

To start with take either some tape or a post-it note and just stick it at the angle you want, as this is going to provide the nice clean edge.

Then take your first colour and apply all over the lid and out to a point at the edge; then taking a fluffy brush start to blend the color out.

Then taking your second colour apply it to the outer V and blend across the crease.

Then take your black eye shadow and start working it into the outer V to add some more depth; and with the colour that’s remaining on the brush apply it to the sides of the bridge of the nose and then slightly across the crease.

Then to darken it up and give it a little more shape, run over the edge and across the crease with a black eye shadow; then you can take off the tape or post-it note and then the edge should be super clean and lovely.

Then I just took this sparkly silver colour and applied it to the inside corner of my eye. Then take your first colour again and take all the way underneath the eye and then apply some black eye shadow from the outside to about the middle.

Apply a highlight colour underneath the brow and then move on to the eyeliner; take all the way across the lid and right out to the edge of the eye shadow, you can make this look even more dramatic by winging out the eye liner at the angle of the eye shadow, but you’d want to do that while the tape is still on so its perfectly in line.

Bring the eyeliner down into a point at the inside corner and then apply some black eyeliner to the upper and lower waterline.

I think Diane Franks used to use these gorgeous Eldora lashes and they’re perfectly dramatic enough for this look, so apply some lashes and some mascara and then we can move on to the face.

I’m already pale so I use my own foundation powder, if you’re wanting to look super pale you can mix some white cream makeup with some powder foundation. For the contouring I want it to carry on with the sharp clean edges, so I placed a post-it note parallel to the angle of the eye shadow and then contoured my face; I added a highlight to the cheek bone and then to the contouring powder uponst the forehead.

I line my lips in the same way I did in the Harley Quinn video by lining them first with a black liner and then taking a lip balm and a lip brush to blend the colour in to the middle.

Then I applied a dark purple lipstick over the top. Then make sure you blow off any excess color so it doesn’t go all over your teeth. You can leave the look like this if you just want a sexy gothic kind of look, but you can go on to add some blood which I personally think is the best bit.

I use two different types of blood because the first one wasn’t really dark enough and then that’s it, and as always there’s a list of products in the description and links to everything, and thank you for watching.

Photo: Emma Pickles

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