How To Make Mince Pies

For many people, the season has to have a least one, if not two, mince pies. The good news is you won’t have to be a highly trained professional like Mary Berry to get a great-tasting pie. Consider the following recipe and ingredients and before you know it, you’ll have a fantastic tasting and even better looking pie for Christmas. If you haven’t made one before you’ll want to consider how to make mince pies and look for a recipe. Easy Mince Pie Recipe Ingredients: Roughly a quarter cup of... Read More

How to Make Christmas Decorations

One of the best parts of Christmas is the decorations, and you can have a lot of fun by creating your own. Paper Christmas decorations can be easy to make and help create great memories for you and your loved ones. Involve the kids For ornaments that are easy to make, use your computer. Print out Christmas symbols like wreaths, trees and snowflakes. These will be easy for kids to cut and color, and all you need is a hole punch and a string to turn their colored cut outs... Read More

Christmas Tree Decorations

A few decorating ideas, for a British theme Christmas. Let’s start off by talking about how you can get the Union Jack pattern on Christmas baubles. Union Jack Christmas Baubles All you have to do is find some red Christmas baubles grab some super glue and silver or white glitter. Make sure to put some newspaper or some sort of protective surface down as you don’y want to ruin your table or work space with glue and glitter. Take a bauble and with the glue draw, a straight line down... Read More

Union Jack Winter Clothes

Stay warm this winter in our gorgeous range of Union Jack winter clothes Winter clothes are a lot more to humans than merely Christmas presents even though getting one every year from granny is always a pleasant surprise. Various collections offer a level of comfort that can only be offered with our winter collection because of the delicate process that each one of our items has been a part of. Our Union Jack collection is intended not only to keep your whole body warm and cosy during the most uncomfortable... Read More

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Have Fun While Helping Children In Need

Everyone who has it in his heart to help needy children in the next one year can do it through the BBC’s Children in Need 2013. Helping needy children is a great virtue and there are many ways through which someone can do that. It is even possible to do something charitable while still having fun and doing things that you like. That can be done even while shopping for interesting things like charms, T-shirts, key rings and coffee mugs. The Charity can be fun and very productive because anything... Read More


How to make Union Jack cookies

Hello and welcome to Hobbycraft, the home of good ideas. My name is Hannah and today we’re going to go Rule, Britannia all the way with these gorgeous Union Jack Cookies. So to begin with what you need to do is make up your favourite cookie recipe. My favourite one is this Almond All-Butter Shortbread recipe which you can download from the Hobbycraft website. When you roll the cookies out to bake them, I need you to cut them into these rectangle flag shape. So they’re about six centimeters by... Read More


Traditional Christmas Cake Ideas

Its that time of year again. The holiday season abounds and this is the perfect time to try out new recipes for the holiday season. Everyone may have their own cake recipe, but why not try two or three new recipes? Learning and experimenting with a new recipe is easy. One only has to look to a number of accomplished chefs for some new creative baking ideas. There are many recipes available for even the novice baker on how to make a cake. A cake does not have to be... Read More

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Stag Costume Ideas

Coming up with stag party ideas to host a successful costume party can be challenging. To pull it off, you have to become more than just an average event planner. You may need to tap into your business-person skills as well. Along with fun, your stag party may be able to generate income. If you are one of the lucky people who has been invited to attend, your goal will be to find the most themed and compelling fancy dress costume possible. There may be a secret surprise that awaits... Read More


1980s Pop Duos

Music trends are ever changing. Yet many times trends bring very influential types of music as well as musicians. The 1980’s were no different. The time of the pop duo had reached a peak and brought us amazing bands full of attitude and spirit that became the inspiration for many artists today. It helped that the new-wave movement during the 80’s was moving full forward. This gave members the ability to express themselves uninhibited by being boxed in by a specific style. Here are a few of these memorable influences... Read More

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Christmas Party Costume Ideas

Costume parties are a great way to step out of your office wear and be something or dress in a way that you normally would not dress. A Christmas party is a great way to let loose and dress up, knowing that other work colleagues will be dressing in the same fashion. If you are short on ideas, there is no need to worry because here are several Christmas costume ideas. Going sexy There is nothing wrong with adorning a sexy costume when it comes time to party. Consider the... Read More