Union Jacks Restaurant : From Flat Bread to Fish Pie

His speciality is Italian cooking, but his aim is a better diet for everyone in the United Kingdom and the United States. He is English chef Jamie Oliver and his latest cooking venture, in partnership with U.K. design agency Blacksheep, is the chain of Union Jacks restaurants that have opened in both countries.

These eateries present well-known foods in a new-fangled way. As an example, a favourite on the menu is flat breads – just don’t call it pizza – cooked on a wood fire. The toppings are both mouth watering and unusual, such as brisket and oxtail seared in Worcestershire sauce. This Union Jacks restaurant choice is the result of Oliver’s partnership with so-called U.S. pizza guru Chris Bianco.

Other choices that keep the dining public coming back include fish pie with potatoes and leeks, Indian-spiced chicken, hot Chilli Freaks, and black forest gateau for those with a sweet tooth. The ideas for these menu favourites may come from many places but the dishes are mostly made with British produce, which is the way Jamie Oliver wants it.

This is you life : Jamie Oliver

Chef Oliver was born in Essex, England, in 1975 and honed his cooking skills in the kitchen of his parents pub. He earned a degree in home economics and got his first job as a pastry chef in a restaurant that specialised in Italian cuisine. By 1997, he had his own show, called The Naked Chef. His cookbook was number one in the country, and Prime Minister Tony Blair invited him to cook lunch at the famed No. 10 Downing Street. From there, the chef turned his attention to improving the eating habits of the English people, especially the school children, and Americans as well. His television series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, in 2010-11, sent him to the United States to talk about getting off fast food and into healthy eating habits.

Union Jacks Restaurant : Sharing British Food with the World

Oliver first opened a Union Jacks restaurant in London but has since sent his English pub atmosphere with new-age cooking styles to the United States. Union Jacks get high praise from diners in such places as Bethesda and Columbia, Maryland; Winchester, Virginia; Boyertown, Pennsylvania; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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