Canaries & Cathedrals Await You in Norwich

The Chinese have a saying. “In over 2000 years of culture, there is not a lot of things that haven’t been attempted.”

Thus, it is with Norwich, long the de-facto capital of East England. Rich in culture and history, it was one of the first major cities founded by Anglo-Saxons on a site that was not pre-dated by Roman settlement. Where is Norwich, specifically? It is located 190 kilometres North-east of London.

The city is fairly unique in that it was so built out by the time the industrial revolution rolled around, many firms ended up building their factories elsewhere, leaving a pristine example of the architecture that preceded it.

And although significant bombing damage was done during World War II, Norwich emerged after the war stronger and more popular with visitors than before. Here are some interesting facts for those interested in travelling to Norwich:

The city was featured in a 2012 travel special by the comedic character Alan Partridge, a show well worth seeing either before, or after you have visited.

The cathedral took over 50 years to build. It was completed in 1145 and remains for all intense purposes, the second largest Cathedral in England.

Colman’s mustard, one of the oldest and most famous food companies in the world, was founded in Norwich in 1806. Visitors to the city can go to the Mustard Shop at the Royal Arcade and learn about how mustard is made, as well as find Colman’s finest products on display.

The Norwich 12 is a group of 12 buildings that represent over 1000 years of architecture in Norwich. From the first building, Norwich Castle, an 11th century landmark, visitors can see the vision, and styles change all the way up through the last building, The Forum, a multi-use cultural building and library built in 2001.

Although it doesn’t predate Shakespeare, the theatre Royal has been at the same site since the 18th century. It is a great place to take a city break and get a taste of regional performance art.

Canaries are a popular sight in Norwich. They were first brought to Norwich by Protestant settlers fleeing the continent several hundred years ago. They became so popular that you will find them in several shopping venues, and the Norwich football club even proudly calls themselves The Canaries.

Whatever your itinerary, you can be certain that Norwich can provide one of the richest cultural and human experiences of your time in England.

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