Party Time Eurovision Style

Going to throw your own Eurovision party but do not know where to start? Here are few Eurovision party ideas to make your event a success.

Start with a theme and your party will take off from there. The easiest theme that can tie the whole evening together is flags. You can use flags for your invites, to decorations, to even food.

Your party invitations are as easy as making the flags from all the competing countries. For a small event, send out a different flag to each guest. Having a huge bash? Send out multiple flags to guests or send out the Sweden flag to everyone. This would be a great way to honour the host country.

Once a country is assigned to a guest, costumes become relatively easy. Well maybe easy with a little imagination and research. Tell your guests that they are to dress to match the country that their invites represent. So if you receive the Union Jack in the post, you could wear a Beefeater costume.

Sticking with the flag theme, hand and drape various flag buntings throughout the party area. String flags over the food tables. Multi-coloured butterflies on the tables and scattered throughout would add a nice touch as well.

Snacks and Drinks
This is another area to involve your guests. Ask each guest to bring a food item and or drink from the country that they represent. Desserts can be as easy as cupcakes with flags sticking out of them. Alternatively, create pizzas in shaped flags.

Drinking games
It is not a Eurovision party without the drinking games. These games can be as simple as trying to guess what country each guest is representing. Wrong guess equals a drink. Or everyone has to drink every time a singer sings a preselected buzz word. There is an endless amount of ideas for this category.

As long as you remember that it is all about the fun your party will be a success.

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