How to Make Scotch Pancakes

Inexpensive, and requiring only few ingredients, Scotch pancakes are a great and versatile meal to whip up for any occasion.

Also known as drop scones because of the way the batter is dropped into the pan, Scotch pancakes are easy to make and tasty to eat. Well known English chef, Delia Smith brought the Scotch pancake back into vogue with her simple, crepe like recipe. If you’re looking for a slightly heartier pancake, try Jamie Oliver’s version; he adds extra egg, and touch more of plain flour.

These American like pancakes can be served up with various toppings such as blueberry jam or if calories aren’t a concern, a la Gordon Ramsay with warm, caramelised bananas. To add an American touch to your Scotch flapjacks, drizzle them with a touch of maple syrup. For an interesting kick on this basic pancake, try Mary Berry’s solid and reliable orange Scotch pancake variation.

Basic Scotch Pancake Recipe

4oz self-raising flour
2 eggs
4oz milk
2tbsp icing sugar
1tsp cinnamon
Olive oil

Begin by measuring the flour and cinnamon into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Break in each egg into the bowl of dry mix, and stir well. As you continue to stir the mix, slowly pour in the milk, continuing to whip. At this point, add in the icing sugar. Stir the mix thoroughly.

Heat and oil a large frying pan. Using a large spoon or 1/4 cup, drop dollops of the mixture in the pan. Each side will need about one to two minutes until it is finished. When bubbles begin to appear in the mixture in the pan, it is ready to flip. Once your Scotch pancakes are finished, allow them a moment to cool off, and then finish them off with the topping of your choice.

Photo: Danny Chapman

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