How to Make Union Jack Trainers

Watch Dani makeover a boring pair of trainer pumps with a Union Jack design.

Hey guys, so today I’m going to be doing a really awesome DIY on these Union Jack shoes. Now, I know that I’m not the only one with this obsession I guess we can call it, I guess it really is an obsession, over this whole Union Jack UK British thing, so I thought that I would kind of put this little obsession I guess we can call it to use and come up with these really awesome Union Jack shoes. Now so if you guys have any questions on any of the products that I use in this video, it will be listed down below in the description so make sure to read that before you ask any questions and if you, guys want to learn how to make these pretty awesome shoes, then just keep on watching.

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So you’re going to need some white shoes, a plate to put your paint on, some sponges and then red and navy acrylic paint and some blue tape. So you’re going to use the blue tape to kind of come up with the Union Jack design as you can see here. So you’re just going to start off by splitting the blue tape in two, and then you are going to place it on the shoe, and you’re going to want to make sure that’s its really nice and stuck on the shoe because this is basically going to be kind of the spotter for the white lines in the Union Jack, so you want to make sure that no paint will go through or underneath that blue tape.

So you’re basically just going to do this throughout the whole entire shoe and what helped me is just kind of having that notebook there so I can kind of just look at the Union Jack sign, so I can see that I’m doing it right. Also don’t forget to take out that little middle section because you want that to be all red, you don’t want there to be just a random white line there, or it will not turn out like the Union Jack, so just don’t forget that because that’s kind of important.

So once you are done with your design, you’re just going to take the blue tape and put it on the sole of the shoe just so no paint gets on the sole, and it will just make it easier in the end so you don’t have to clean it up. So now you’re just going to take your sponge, or whatever you want to use to paint the shoe, and you’re just going to start painting on the colours.

And then obviously once you’re done painting red you’re going to start painting with the navy. So once you’re all done at painting you’re just going to let it sit for probably only about 30 minutes, then once you have waited you are now able to take the tape off which is actually kind of fun. And now you’re ready to have the coolest shoes in school, like
they are so amazing.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little DIY and I though that it was kind of appropriate that I wore this sweater in this video because we all know that you secretly love the UK and the flag, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do decide to do this, please send me pictures on Twitter so I can check them out and be like, oh my gosh those are awesome, then we can just all be like twins and stuff or triplets or whoever ends up doing it, we’ll just all have our little family of our awesome shoes I guess. So make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at and also subscribe if you haven’t already. And also if you haven’t subscribed to my blog channel that is at TV and yeah so I hope you guys like this video and I will talk to you guys next time, bye.

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