Celebrate! Royal baby George of Cambridge

The excitement over the birth of the future King of England rivals the anticipation that surrounded the wedding of William and Kate two years ago. Buckingham Palace and other residences of the British royalty are draped in bunting for the celebration, royal watchers in the United Kingdom are proudly waving their Union Jack flags, and well-wishes are pouring in from around the world. Kings, presidents, and prime-ministers from around the globe have been sending their congratulations and best-wishes to the new parents.

Build up to the Royal baby

Anticipation of the birth has been building in the months since it was announced that Kate was expecting a baby, and that her due date was near the end of July. On Monday Buckingham Palace announced that the Princess had entered London’s St. Mary’s Hospital and was in labour. This announcement set the social media into a frenzy, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites were teeming with anticipation, and discussion whether it would be a boy or girl was everywhere. Crowds of royal fans waited outside the hospital, eagerly waiting for any details or updates on the happenings inside the delivery room. Later Monday afternoon a town-crier stepped forth to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a male heir to the crown. The crowd outside the hospital burst into cheers, and were joined by thousands of Londoners who poured in the streets proudly waving Union Jack flags.

Royal Baby Arrives

Just when you thought that the exhilaration over the birth of the royal baby may begin to settle down, excitement reached a new level on Tuesday as Prince William and Princess Catherine emerged holding their day-old bundle of joy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked a bit like nervous new parents as they stood in front of hundreds of photographers and well-wishers. The celebration may continue for royal watchers, but it is certainly over for Prince William and Duchess Kate, the beautiful couple returned to their residence to begin changing nappies and dealing with night time feeding.

Royal Baby Name

Now all the excitement is over with, we all anticipated the announcement of the baby’s name. Historians believed that the most likely names include James, Edward, and George. The announcement was not likely to come any time soon, as many past names have not been revealed for weeks or even months. It took Queen Elizabeth one month to disclose the name of Prince Charles, and Princess Diana took several weeks to announce William’s name.

After days of speculation the name of the Royal baby name is now revealed: George Alexander Louis !

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