August 2013


Who’s the Best Doctor Who and Why?

One of the most prevalent questions among science fiction fans, both new ones and veterans, is “Who played (or plays) the Time Lord in the TARDIS best?” This is a question I have some trepidation in answering, partly because I’m not British and have to wait for Doctor Who to air on BBC America. If you really pressed me, the best I could do would be to break them up between “new Who” (the rebooted era beginning with Christopher Eccleston, through David Tennant, Matt Smith, and the soon-to-be 12th Doctor,... Read More


Get Patriotic With Your Bedding!

Using the same two or three bedding sets year in, year out becomes boring. It is no longer pleasing to the eye or uplifting upon entering the room. This can directly affect your mood and sleep quality. If this is how your bedroom feels, then it’s time to ramp up that dull, boring bedding. Those of us living in Great Britain can purchase a bed set that expresses how patriotic they we truly are. The Union Jack doesn’t just belong outside on the flagpole. It can now grace your mattress... Read More

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Weird Facts About Great Britain

Great Britain is a wonderfully exciting place with many opportunities and adventures to be had. With this in mind, here are 18 weird facts about Great Britain. 1. The Queen of England owns all of the whales, sturgeons and porpoises in the water surrounding the UK. The reason for this is that these sea creatures are considered royal animals and are not allowed to be caught or sold by anyone. 2. In the medieval period of Great Britain, animals were tried when they committed bad acts. For example, if an... Read More