Weird Facts About Great Britain

Great Britain is a wonderfully exciting place with many opportunities and adventures to be had. With this in mind, here are 18 weird facts about Great Britain.

1. The Queen of England owns all of the whales, sturgeons and porpoises in the water surrounding the UK. The reason for this is that these sea creatures are considered royal animals and are not allowed to be caught or sold by anyone.

2. In the medieval period of Great Britain, animals were tried when they committed bad acts. For example, if an animal killed someone, it would be put on trial with a judge and all to determine its sentencing. Whereas today the animal would simply be put to death.

3. In England, public schools are really not public schools but more like a private school requiring tuition. Whereas, a state school is a publicly funded school much like the United States idea of public school.

4. The Union Jack (The UK’s flag) is also known as the Union Flag and both names are accepted officially.

5. The Buckingham palace was originally built as a town house on the site of a once infamous brothel for the Duke of Buckingham.

6. One weird fact that seems especially strange is that a pregnant woman is legally allowed to relieve herself anywhere she chooses. Also, a man may legally relieve himself on the rear tire of his vehicle, so long as his right hand is on the back of the vehicle.

7. In Britain, people are not allowed to wear a suit of armour or die in the houses of parliament, both are illegal.

8. Interestingly enough, in Scotland, nobody may be drunk and be in charge of a steam engine, cow, or horse.

9. In 1993, a man was sentenced to jail for killing a swan because an old law states that the Queen has rights to all unacknowledged swans.

10. Queen Victoria found herself in possession of a very strange wedding gift. A half-ton wheel of cheddar cheese 3 meters in diameter.

11. Sausage used to be called “bags of mystery” and many people were rightfully sceptical of eating it. Eventually during the food crises, sausage was made with water and other bits and made a loud popping sound and the term “bangers” was coined for the now popular meal of “bangers and mash”.

12. An old law states that nobody may see a film, go to the theatre, or use a public vehicle if they have eaten garlic within the last four hours. Also, a pastor, priest, or minister is not allowed to eat garlic or onion before a sermon.

13. Visitors frequently find that if they stay in London for a day or two and use the underground tube system that their snot becomes grey or black from all of the dust.

14. Yet another strange law says that a boy under the age of ten may not see a mannequin naked.

15. In the 1600’s a Frenchman opened up a hot chocolate store in England, which became quite popular. That’s not at all unlike today’s coffee shops! It is known as a Chocolate House.

16. Surprisingly, England is the only country that doesn’t have their name on their stamps and if anyone unknowingly put the Queen’s head upside down when placing a stamp on the envelope, they’d be committing treason!

17. The Queen has been gifted two sloths (though both have been placed in zoos).

18. The Queen of England cannot enter the House of Commons because she is not a member. She is allowed to do just about anything she wants, though this is not one of them.

There are many more interesting old laws, strange facts and customs, and gems in English history. These are just a mere 18 of the most interesting facts about our great nation.


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