1980s Pop Duos

Music trends are ever changing. Yet many times trends bring very influential types of music as well as musicians. The 1980’s were no different. The time of the pop duo had reached a peak and brought us amazing bands full of attitude and spirit that became the inspiration for many artists today. It helped that the new-wave movement during the 80’s was moving full forward. This gave members the ability to express themselves uninhibited by being boxed in by a specific style.

Here are a few of these memorable influences that still provide inspiration to many current bands. It also allowed British music to make its way around the world and merge with other music.

One such band to follow a duo set up was known as Yazoo to the UK audiences. Not too well-known in the United States, the duo consisting of singer Alison Moyet, and Vince Clarke on the synthesizer brought incredible power to the stage. Moyet’s vocals blew fans away without even trying. Clark was the original keyboardist for another great 1980’s band- Depeche Mode, as well as later forming another popular duo known as Erasure.

Another band named Tears for Fears lit up the stage during the 1908s. Known well for their hit track “Shout,” Tears for Fears released their first album in 1982. With their multi faceted composition and new, more aggressive sound, it is no wonder why they were a huge success.

Wham! Was another British duo hitting stages from 1981- 1986. Composed of George Michael (who would later have a successful solo career) and Andrew Ridgeley, they sold 25 million records during their career. They were also trail blazers as the first British band to incorporate rap into their compositions.

There are many notable bands and duos that emerged in the 1980s to help push music into so many different arenas. London’s Neil Tennent and Chris Lowe embraced and dominated the electronic pop scene with their band, Pet Shop Boys. They still tour to this day, entertaining the masses. Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart brought us the creative and emotionally drenched sounds of the Eurythmics. David Van Day and Thereza Bazar brought love through their duo as a couple in Dollar. Peter Cox and guitarist Richard Drummie brought sophisticated dance music to the table as Go West.

Regardless of your taste in music, there is likely a pop duo that stole the show in the 80’s that gave the music you listen to now its flair.

image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elnicofotos/

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