Christmas Tree Decorations

A few decorating ideas, for a British theme Christmas. Let’s start off by talking about how you can get the Union Jack pattern on Christmas baubles.

Union Jack Christmas Baubles

All you have to do is find some red Christmas baubles grab some super glue and silver or white glitter. Make sure to put some newspaper or some sort of protective surface down as you don’y want to ruin your table or work space with glue and glitter. Take a bauble and with the glue draw, a straight line down the middle then one across the middle. This is the time to add your first round of glitter, this way the glue doesn’t all run together, and you end up with a big mess for your homemade Christmas tree decorations.

After your glue and glitter has dried go ahead and make the four other lines at the intersecting points to finish off your union jack pattern. Let this sit and dry before you attempt to do the other side of the ornaments.

Christmas Tree Toppers

Now you can make your own Christmas tree toppers. My personal favourite is when you go out and grab five or seven small pine bows you want an odd number so that you can make it equally full on both sides. Grab two smaller pine cones and 1 larger pine cone. Take a wire coat hanger, arrange you pine bows to where they almost make like a catcher’s mitt for your pine cones. Once you are satisfied with how that looks wire it the way you want it then take your hot-glue gun to it just to ensure that it don’t fall apart while on your Christmas tree top.

Take your smaller pine cones and put them to either side inside of your little “mitt” glue them in, and then you glue in your big one right in the centre with a dab of glue on the bottom.

Take either a foam cup or plastic cup, use a cup so it is deeper and stays where you put it. Glue that to the bottom and enjoy your homemade Christmas decorations.

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