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Hen Do Costume Ideas

Costume parties are a great way to step out of your costume and be something or dress in a way that you normally would not dress. A hen party is a great way to let loose and dress up, knowing that other women will be dressing in the same fashion. If you are short on ideas, there is no need to worry because there are several hen do costume ideas. Going sexy There is nothing wrong with adorning a sexy costume when it comes time to party. Consider the sexy... Read More

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Famous British Things

David Beckham is famous for a hooking drive of a football, arcing almost gracefully from foot to singing twine. However, to football fans all over the world, Beckham is the player who lifts an entire team to a marvellous level of skill and strategy. To non-football fans, perhaps music fans, Beckham’s famous wife is the charm. In some ways, she was part of a female equivalent to The Beatles; the Spice Girls became an article of British culture. Books, magazines, movies, children’s program, all were part of the tidal wave... Read More


British Sausage Week Rolls Out This November

Residents of Great Britain look forward every year to celebrating traditional pork sausage with a week long celebration known as British Sausage Week. This annual event observes its 16th anniversary in 2013 and has been slated this year to start on the 4th of November, winding up all festivities on the 10th. Participants will have the opportunity to meet Sausage Week’s official celebrity ambassador, Chef Simon Rimmer, popular TV show host. Rimmer will serve as one of the judges deciding which of the many regional British sausages entered into competition... Read More


Fancy Dress for That Fancy Hen Party in the UK

Every year, thousands of women get married. That means, every year, thousands of hen parties take place. Now that a lot of budget flights are available, hen party organisers are getting more creative in their planning. That is also the reason why hen weekends abroad are now more common than before. There is that point in time in a woman’s life wherein almost everyone that one knows just decides to get married. Now, for those that will be having their hen party soon or for those that are tasked with... Read More


10 Wacky Victorian Inventions

In Victorian times, Great Britain was the melting pot of whimsical inventors. Several of those British innovations have since been overtaken by the times. Here is a look at the wacky contraptions made in England in those days. Multi-purpose Cane This was an invention that courted gentlemen with the promise of the best cane possible. The cane incredibly converted into an umbrella, a smoking pipe, a butterfly catcher, a flute and a yardstick. Writing Stabiliser This writing tool does not sound as wacky as it looks. It never achieved its... Read More


History of Great Britain Timeline

About 500 B.C. Celtic people came to Britain from Europe. In 43 A.D., they found themselves invaded by the Romans. Queen Boadicea led a fierce revolt, but by 128 A.D., the Romans were victorious. The Roman conquest was not all bad, since it gave the Celts Roman learning and culture. Around 500 A.D. the Celts were invaded again, by Saxons from north-western Germany. The Saxons were pagans, and St. Augustine came to convert them to Christianity in 597. By the ninth century, Alfred the Great was promoting peace and learning... Read More


Who’s the Best Doctor Who and Why?

One of the most prevalent questions among science fiction fans, both new ones and veterans, is “Who played (or plays) the Time Lord in the TARDIS best?” This is a question I have some trepidation in answering, partly because I’m not British and have to wait for Doctor Who to air on BBC America. If you really pressed me, the best I could do would be to break them up between “new Who” (the rebooted era beginning with Christopher Eccleston, through David Tennant, Matt Smith, and the soon-to-be 12th Doctor,... Read More


Get Patriotic With Your Bedding!

Using the same two or three bedding sets year in, year out becomes boring. It is no longer pleasing to the eye or uplifting upon entering the room. This can directly affect your mood and sleep quality. If this is how your bedroom feels, then it’s time to ramp up that dull, boring bedding. Those of us living in Great Britain can purchase a bed set that expresses how patriotic they we truly are. The Union Jack doesn’t just belong outside on the flagpole. It can now grace your mattress... Read More

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Weird Facts About Great Britain

Great Britain is a wonderfully exciting place with many opportunities and adventures to be had. With this in mind, here are 18 weird facts about Great Britain. 1. The Queen of England owns all of the whales, sturgeons and porpoises in the water surrounding the UK. The reason for this is that these sea creatures are considered royal animals and are not allowed to be caught or sold by anyone. 2. In the medieval period of Great Britain, animals were tried when they committed bad acts. For example, if an... Read More

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Celebrate! Royal baby George of Cambridge

The excitement over the birth of the future King of England rivals the anticipation that surrounded the wedding of William and Kate two years ago. Buckingham Palace and other residences of the British royalty are draped in bunting for the celebration, royal watchers in the United Kingdom are proudly waving their Union Jack flags, and well-wishes are pouring in from around the world. Kings, presidents, and prime-ministers from around the globe have been sending their congratulations and best-wishes to the new parents. Build up to the Royal baby Anticipation of... Read More