Celebrating Easter in Britain with Springtime Splendour and Fun

Spring, and the Easter season, is an ideal time to be British and to be anywhere in the UK. Nature’s winter nap is over, and everyone is delighted to share in the festivities of spring’s revival. Celebrating Easter in Britain is a special seasonal event, whether observing the Christian holiday or the annual welcoming of spring’s awakening. The renewal of blooming trees and flowers spills over into lively outdoor enjoyment by residents, young and old alike. Life begins again, and it’s a real joy to see baby birds and chicks.... Read More

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Comic Relief Celebrates 25th Annual Red Nose Day

Every year, Comic Relief hosts numerous fundraisers in an attempt to use humour and comedy to help charities all around the world. Richard Curtis, the co-chair of Comic Relief founded the organisation in 1985 as a way to raise funds those less fortunate. This year is no different, with a number of events leading up to the main event, the 25th anniversary of Red Nose Day. Great British Bake Off One of the big events this year was the Great British Bake Off, a televised four episode week-long event, where... Read More


Make Sure To Tune Into The Great British Menu

The Great British Menu, series 8 2013, is back on British TV and BBC promises it will be a good one. The eight series of the show celebrates all the fun of Comic Relief. You will enjoy watching the chefs trying to create a menu that is playful. However, not only will they need to create a playful menu, but they will need to make the menu funny, which may sound easy, but surely they will end up running into all sorts of comical issues when they attempt to create... Read More

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British Museum London – Where Past Meets Future

You can’t travel back in time, but you can make the past merge into the future as you meander among the collections at the British Museum. Eight million artifacts of human culture and art are spotlighted within this most illustrious of London museums. Ancient Egypt Featuring the second-largest collection of antiquities from Ancient Egypt in the world (the first being in Egypt), the British Museum boasts the Rosetta Stone, the Colossal Bust of Ramesses II, and the resplendent, bearded statue of Tutankhamun as the priest of Hapy, God of the... Read More

Union Jacks Restaurant : From Flat Bread to Fish Pie

His speciality is Italian cooking, but his aim is a better diet for everyone in the United Kingdom and the United States. He is English chef Jamie Oliver and his latest cooking venture, in partnership with U.K. design agency Blacksheep, is the chain of Union Jacks restaurants that have opened in both countries. These eateries present well-known foods in a new-fangled way. As an example, a favourite on the menu is flat breads – just don’t call it pizza – cooked on a wood fire. The toppings are both mouth... Read More

Union Jack Guitar & British Rock Stars

Rock ‘n roll has played a significant role in American society and pop culture. Its roots come from blues playing musicians such as Willie Dixon and Buddy Guy, who gave the music soul and rhythm. It has also been influenced by people that were born across the pond in Britain. Def Leppard, Oasis, The Who and The Beatles have members who originated in England. British rock stars and music from these musicians are some of the most popular in the history of rock. Recognising where music comes from is an... Read More