February 2014

British Victorian Inventors – What did they ever do for us?

Victorian times ushered in a period of a vital era within modern history’s development. A timeline of roughly 1837-1901 is widely recognised as the period, as Victorian inventions coupled with progressions from the Industrial Revolution, signified a time of new ideologies, concepts, and inventions that would undoubtedly change the world forever. A large number of these concepts and ensuing inventions are those which are still currently used to this day. Many famous Victorian inventors made their name during this prime period of innovation. Ranging from communication to transport, most areas... Read More

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Places to Visit in England – Travel Guide

Whether or not you are planning to visit Great Britain soon, the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide is a great book to read for discovering new places to visit in England. This fantastic travel companion is not just a guide; this book is indeed your indispensable guide to many destinations in Great Britain, including Wales, Scotland, and England. This guide is going to help you in planning your travel, finding best accommodation, and selecting the suitable mode of transportation based upon the city you travel to. The book also includes useful... Read More