March 2014


Learning to be British

Making people think you’re British has never been easier. It’s a rather interesting notion that people from England are considered the most gentle of the English-speaking nations, which the whole world is slowly becoming. In order to make those around you believe you’re a Brit, there are several things you have to do: make careful word choices, try to emulate the accent, make your thoughts open, and then act appropriately from what you learned. Talk Proper It is important to remember to make careful word choices when you want to... Read More

Bags Bags Bags

There has never been a better time to purchase a Union Jack bag from any of the leading retailers like Union Jack Wear or the exclusive Pauls Boutique in London. Wear your British colours proudly once you choose the right bag for you! Clutch bags will offer you a great and convenient way to transport your small items. Great for when you don’t have much to carry, this handbag is a great accessory for a woman on the go. Make getting to the office with all your work necessities a... Read More