Learning to be British

Making people think you’re British has never been easier. It’s a rather interesting notion that people from England are considered the most gentle of the English-speaking nations, which the whole world is slowly becoming. In order to make those around you believe you’re a Brit, there are several things you have to do: make careful word choices, try to emulate the accent, make your thoughts open, and then act appropriately from what you learned.

Talk Proper

It is important to remember to make careful word choices when you want to be British. Britain in general is the home of what you would consider “proper” English. What most English people know as slang evolved differently in Britain. It can be as simple as using the word jam instead of jelly. When you see a police care, it’s a paddy wagon. British vocabulary is a lot softer than it’s more evolved counterparts like Australian and American English.

Another integral part of Britain is the softness of their words. You can’t be a rough-spoken American and come off as someone from the British Isles. To speak like a true Brit you need to round your consonants and make your vowels soft. Once you take English and make it blocky, you’re taking after the German ancestry of Europe. Make sure to make your words flow eloquently off your lips.

Be Sarcastic

That hardest thing to understand about being a Brit is being polite. Don’t be the loud unruly American, you want to be sarcastic, dry, and mellower. English culture is based a lot off negativity. It’s always better to leave a thought indicator at the end of a sentence instead of a definitive answer. Changing, “the weather is nice,” to “the weather is nice, I suppose,” changes the whole context of the sentence. I suppose at the end of that sentence means, I think, but it also means that maybe the weather isn’t so nice to somebody.

Be Polite

Politeness carries over to your actions as well. Even if it’s hard at first, if you follow these easy guidelines soon you’ll be pulling out chairs, ordering rounds of drinks for your friends, and having tea time around noon every day. Don’t fear being a Brit, there’s a reason why England is generally the world’s favourite English-speaking nation.

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