Only Fools and Horses – We Salute You !

Only Fools and Horses is set in Peckham in London, England. It follows the crazy business dealings of the Trotter brothers and their grandad for several series in the 80s. After the actor who played grandad, Lennard Pearce, died in 1984, he was replaced by Buster Merryfield who joined the cast as his long-lost brother, Uncle Albert. Viewers would join Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, and their continuous string of insane attempts to get rich by buying and selling damaged merchandise. Their entrepreneurial escapades will put them into contact with... Read More

5 Reasons Why People Love London Souvenirs

Did you know ‘souvenir’ is a French word meaning remembrance or memory? Well the good news is that Union Jack Wear provide the best London souvenirs without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. Souvenirs are keepsakes or mementos and can be anything that holds memories that are reminders of an enjoyable time spent at a particular place, in our case, the capital of England; London. Some folk proudly display their London souvenirs in their homes so that friends and family can admire them in all their glory and... Read More

The History of Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a type of short trousers. They are designed with several inches more length than standard shorts, ending at just above the knee. Depending on the material and style of the shorts, they are worn as either casual or semi-casual attire. In 2015, people are so accustomed to “shorts” as a form of attire that many people forget that “shorts” originated as short trousers, worn by British boys prior to “coming of age” and progressing to full trousers. With that in mind, you might wonder, where do Bermuda... Read More

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Ryder Cup Memories

The Ryder cup is always an excellent event of golfing brilliance, bringing together some of the best golfers across Europe and the United States. This years’ event was to be held at the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales. With its lush green hills and plenty of water hazards it can be a testing course for the best of the professionals. As usual the Ryder cup has once again attracted its’ following clan; of USA flag bearing and Union Jack Baseball Cap wearing supporters. It seems like the good Welsh... Read More

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Who Puts the Pride into Britain?

From Union Jack suits to Union Jack evening dresses, the Pride of Britain Awards inspires the most patriotic among us. Celebrities take a back seat to some truly remarkable individuals from all walks of life. Young and old, these people put most of us to shame with their courage and bravery. Stories of amazing selflessness and kindness, mixed with heart rending tragedy and suffering, make for one of the most humbling nights. This Autumn, comes the Twelfth annual Pride of Britain Awards. A very special awards ceremony dedicated to recognizing... Read More


Pope visits Britain

The Pope’s visit to England comes exactly one year after Pope Benedict XVI proposal to the Church of England to return to the Roman Catholic Church. To show the Pope’s willingness to accept the Anglican Churches traditions which include married clergy, the Pope agreed to allow the Anglican Church to keep that tradition which is decidedly different from traditional Roman Catholic qualifications for the priesthood. To show appreciation for the Pope’s understanding of Anglican ways, you can announce to the Pope your English heritage by wearing a Union Jack Blanket... Read More

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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2010

There is the Australian Open, Monty Carlo, French Open, and then there is Wimbledon. While each tournament has its own significance, Wimbledon stands alone in its prestige. This is the one place in tennis where anything could happen. The epic 2008 final showdown match between Nadal and Federer lasted for over five hours. Therefore, you need to be prepared if history is to repeat itself. Here are some of the essentials preparations for watching tennis at Wimbledon, including some staple essentials, like a Union Jack hand flag, for showing your... Read More

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Armed Forces Day Party

Armed Forces Day was first held in the United Kingdom in 2009, it followed the first Veterans Day which was recognised in 2006. This day was created to honour the men and woman serving the UK Armed Forces who have and continue to serve their country. It was put into place after reports in 2008 told stories of airmen being unable to wear their uniforms in public due to abuse from citizens regarding things that had occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. This year, the National Event will be held in... Read More

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Make Your Own Vuvuzela

The sound of the Vuvuzela, now made famous by the ongoing 2010 World Cup is the must have item for football supporters this summer. As fun as the Vuvuzela is, there have been complaints that it is too loud, too distracting for players and commentators alike and an overall nuisance. So much so that FIFA had a meeting about it, and ruled in favour of the African Horn. Love it or hate it, it is definitely a unique yet fascinating instrument. Background The traditional Vuvuzela was made of tin, but... Read More

11 Facts About Six Nations Rugby Championship That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

The Six Nations rugby union competition will roll out again in the Winter as England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete for the trophy. As the 2015 fixtures were announced the teams named squads to compete in this historic tournament that takes place each year between the nations. Four Teams Originally Played The Home Nations Championship was first played in 1883, which led to the establishment of the competition featuring the six teams now playing. The English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh played in the first series, with the English... Read More