BBC Children in Need

So you’ve sat in bath full of baked beans or shaven off your hair for charity, but do you know where your money really goes?

The BBC’s main goal is to help children and young kids (18 and younger) in the UK who are at a disadvantage. Through donations, charities’ activities, fundraisers, and the help of schools, businesses, and corporations BBC helps kids and is able to run its campaign. The money collected goes towards programs to help kids in need that are in poverty situations, at abusive or neglect situations, or suffering from many emotional, physical, and psychological conditions. BBC does this by providing support and grants to organisations that help children in need, some of them small organisations that need extra help, but that are very committed to work for the benefit of children in need. Many of these organisations do not have the resources and BBC makes it possible for them to continue in their quest of helping kids.

BBC Grants and Programs

BBC makes this possible through their grant programs. There are four major grant programs available. BBC’s grants and programs are:

• Main grants of over £10,000 a year for the duration of three years

• Small grants of less than £10,000 a year for three years

• A new Friends and Friendship three million pounds grant program, which helps and supports organisations that are involved in helping disable kids between the ages of 12-13.

• Positive Destinations is another grant program (2 million pounds) that is designed in partnership with the Hunter Foundation. It involves education, employment, and training of children in extreme need to prepare them for a better life. This program started in 2008 and has been a success, and will continue.

BBC continues to help many organisations through their grants and programs and many children’s lives have taken a turn for a bright future thanks to these grants. Without this help many of these small organisations would be incapable of reaching out to many kids and provide the time, resources and efforts that are necessary to achieve the goals geared to promote a better future for all children in need in the UK. Many areas with children in hard and deplorable conditions have been reached and the program continues strong thanks to the donations and fundraisers that make it possible. BBC is run by eight trustees that work together to make it happen.

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