Britain’s Fattest Man

At the age of 49, Paul Mason is believed to be between 60 and 70-stone, which has deemed him the title of Britain’s fattest man. His weight cannot be exact, however, because he has not even left his house in almost a decade. His main dream is to walk again, but this an almost unattainable feat.

The only thing that could save Mason was getting his stomach stapled. Even though they believed him to be no more than 70-stone, the lack of certainty could have killed him. Without knowing his correct weight, many problems technically existed. The Department of Social Services reevaluated his case because it was costing them approximately £2,000 a week to care for Paul Mason. After being air-lifted out of his home, questions were raised as to where people’s tax money was going. So Britain believed it was their right to now how much it was costing them weekly.

The Department of Health states that obesity is one of the biggest challenges that the UK faces in the future. Right now, one in four adults is obese, and one is six children are. This number is believed to climb drastically in the future, causing half of men and a third of women will be obese in 2025.

Weight loss surgery rose a rapid 40% between 2007 and 2008. Shaw Somers was chosen to be Paul’s surgeon, and he had a lot of questions to consider before going into this surgery. There was a painstaking amount of things to be considered. Mason really has a 50/50 chance of coming out of this surgery.

Shaw Somers talks about how serious this is, and it should be handled just like anyone with an alcohol or drug problem. Mason became addicted to food, and he got to the point where he could not turn back. He reached out to family with no avail. He was given a couple of days to live several times after being rushed to the hospital with chest pains.

The decision was made to go ahead with the surgery of Britain’s fattest man at St. Richard’s Hospital. Somers said that the surgery was pretty straight forward, and Paul Mason is recovering quite well. He grabbed at his second chance, and he is taking advantage of it. Somers says, “He’s really risen to the challenge and is doing his very best.”

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