Royal Wedding Invitations are in the Post

Rush to your mailbox. The most anticipated royal wedding invitations since the marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles in 1981 have been mailed. Prince William and his bride to be, Kate Middleton have narrowed their guest list down to a mere 1900.

The celebration is to take place at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Among those included on the guest list are close friends and family of the couple, heads of state and military personnel that serve with the Prince. A-listers such as Great Britain’s David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John are included on the list. Elton John , was a close friend of Prince Williams mother, Lady Diana, and also sang at her 2007 tribute. Singer Kanye West, who also sang at the tribute is in receipt of an invitation as well. Let’s hope that he is able to contain his excitement and not interrupt this celebration.

Royal Wedding Invitations Lost in the Post

If you did not receive an invitation, do not fret, neither did the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, whose daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are part of the royal wedding party. The Duchess who was married to Prince Andrew, the Queens second son, camp said she will be traveling on that date. It comes as no surprise that she did not receive an invitation as she has been publically out casted for her “unroyal” antics the over the years. This would include the toe sucking incident that played a part in ending her marriage, as well as the highly publicized video tape of her excepting a bribe from a British tabloid to gain access to Prince Andrew.

Among heads of State not included on the list are President Barak and Michelle Obama. The Prince is not yet heir to the throne, therefore, the wedding is not considered a State event. Royal policy does not require heads of state to be invited unless it is a State event. This does not mean that many heads of state will not be in attendance. Invitations have been extended to those heads of state that come from other foreign “royal” families.

Lucky Wedding Invitation Recipients

If you are indeed attending the wedding proper dress is most certainly required with the invitation stating to wear uniform, top coat or lounge suit. The wedding is to begin at 11am, with a reception following, that is being hosted by the Queen. Upon conclusion of the reception Prince Charles will be hosting a dinner for his son and new daughter in law.

Prince William tries to lead a normal life and it is surmised that this will continue on after the wedding. They currently live in a rented house near RAF Valley where William is a rescue pilot. It is believed that they after their nuptials they will live in North Wales and try to keep some privacy before the Prince officially becomes Heir to the Thrown.

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