Paralympic Games Athletes to Watch

While the 2012 London Olympics has ended, there is still a lot to see in the Paralympic Games. The event kicks off on August 29th and ends on September 9th. The Paralympics Games has always been a great event but this year, there are several athletes that are making it even more exciting. These athletes are pushing the limits of possibility in their sport and are proving that anything is possible.

The first on the list is Sophie Christiansen. She’s bringing a lot attention to equestrian sports. Her gold medal in the 2008 Paralympics and at WEG 2010 makes her a contender to follow. She’s aiming for another gold this year, and her contribution is leading to Team GB being one of the biggest threats in equestrian sports.

Next is Eleanor Simmonds. She became the first British woman to win individual gold medals at the 2008 Paralympics Games in Beijing. At the age of 13, she was the youngest female swimmer to accomplish this. On top of that, she currently holds a world record for the 200 individual medley, which she cemented after being her old time by half a second. It’s exciting to see what kind of boundaries she’ll break next.

Making equally big of a splash in swimming are couples Sascha Kindred and Nyree Kindred. Sascha is an accomplished Paralympic athelete that married the equally accomplished Nyree Kindred. The two are known as the golden couple of the Paralympics. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic to see how they support each other during their respective competitions.

If watching a battle of speed is your type of sport, pay attention to David Weir and Shelly Woods. These two athletes bring a ferocity that you wouldn’t find in most Olympic athletes. Both are accomplished athletes in their sport and are aiming to bring Team GB another win. Wheelchair racing simply wouldn’t be as exciting if these two tough competitors weren’t part of the event.

Other athletes to pay attention to are Heather Frederiksen and Hannah Cockroft. Frederiksen generated controversy when she failed a drug test and was stripped of her medals in 2009. People are wondering how she’ll perform with all that pressure at this year’s games. Hannah Cockroft is a dominant force in the 100m and 200m for wheelchair racing. At the age of 19, she’s broken multiple broken records and have made her rivals jealous. Will she sweep the competition again or will there be a new champion?

If you’re not familiar with the Paralympics, these athletes will show you the true spirit of competition and turn you into a fan.

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